What Is Business Co-Mitioning?

What Is Business Co-Mitioning

What is business co-mentoring you ask?

As we start to wind down the end of 2012, many people are examining their choices in the New Year. In life, we are bombarded with choices – what to watch on TV, what to eat for dinner, and what suitcases to pack.

Co-Mitioning is an alternative to management from above – taking the time to make sure you are supporting and growing those up-and-comers who have stuck their neck out and made it happen. It’s a support system for those who are working for us.

It is no longer acceptable to slow down and spend a huge chunk of your day with those who have nurtured themselves. In a company, the rank-and-file are the caretakers of your company’s success. They are there to serve your customers, to connect with your employees, and to grow new business. Case in point: Co-Menting is developing partnerships with industry-leading companies and there is a chance these companies are initiating or strengthening their foundations with your company. It is the fastest way to become an expert resource for anyone who is interested in connecting with the industry leaders in your field.

The purpose of co-Menting is to become the lead resource for those in this group. Your co-workers now refer to you as a “go-to” person for your peers who want a unique opportunity to grow with your company. The best result for your clients and me is to know you feel confident whenever a new opportunity is presented to you.

Whether you are new to the world of co-Menting or are an old hand,Co-Mentingis the perfect way to earn new business. You can set out to meet these new partners in person, maybe ask who will be able to do what you do now (make a note on your pokergalaxy), or have a productive co-Serving meeting. For example, ask a design company if they are interested in co-binding with your company, and then invite them to Co-Menting with the company.

If you are not sure how to begin your new coaching relationship, or how to set it up, then the questions below will help you start this type of working relationship now, in the warm, friendly, professional way.

  1. How did you get involved in Co-Meting with your company?Answer: I was working with one of the top five design companies. They had shown strong interest in doing many things with my company, more specifically in co-marketing, but I was not sure how I could work with them. The leader of the company suggested Co-Meting and I’m now having more fun than ever working with them.
  2. How long has your company been Co-Menting?Answer: The company had been very interested in Co-Menting at one timeā€¦not sure how long it would last and what would be involved, but they seemed to enjoy working with us and ensured I was a valued client. Our team has grown and will continue to grow and I want to help them continue to grow.
  3. Where you or your company is in Co-Mining? Some companies are more advanced than others. Or, if you are relatively new to this type of marketing program, your company may have yet to take the time to learn what these programs have to offer. You can ask your co-workers!
  4. How often is Co-Mining working for you?Answer: As a result of me being in Co-Mining with these firms, I was seeing more opportunity than I had with other firms in the past. For example, Co-Mining helped me keep in touch with all of my companies, I was able to help them build their business with each other. I now go out of my way to help the other firms grow with each company I am involved with.

Co-Serving is a creative way to get things done in a way that really helps everyone involved. Take the time to talk to your right staff about ways you can work together. You will be both clued in on how to get the desired results and everyone will benefit.

So, if you are like me, then you probably want to embrace Co-Mining!