The Differences Between Online Poker and Offline Poker

The Differences Between Online Poker and Offline Poker

Online poker you can play anytime you want — 24/7 365. You can play it in total comfort, sitting at your home, wearing whatever you like, in your favorite pajamas or even underwear, with just the press of a button you can scamper to Vegas or lard off on a tropical island. Live poker requires expense and travel times to your nearest casino or gambling hotel. Some casinos are comped rooms, others are expensive luxury casestops with living rooms. A select few casinos do offer live poker table games.

There are also small differences between online poker and offline poker. First of all, you can’t see your opponents face to face to get a perspective on their “tells,” if their hands were strong or weak, loose or tight, experienced or rookie, etc. Typically, when you play face to face, you can observe their betting patterns, their body language, and their example of how they play certain hands, especially the hands they don’t usually play.

Online poker puts a lot more into perspective than offline poker. Information is at your fingertips all the time. Prices are at your fingertips too. If you’re a big spender, the cutoff for you is much, much lower. If you’re a tight-aggressive player, the range for you will be much wider. You’ll be able to rely much more on informative sites like Poker Stars,, and to fill out your play history, poker hand sampling, and live tournament statistics.

You won’t have to rely on overly aggressive players, who are likely to bust your banks. Too many amateurs play too aggressively and it’s simply not profitable in the long run.

Playing online mega88 will also allow you to play sit and go games, which are excellent learning tools. Here you can find lots of low-limit opportunities, which you can spend hours of tedious study until you learn every trick and move; or you can pick out a tournament and start playing immediately, pulling no expense charges to build your bank.

Online poker makes precise betting obvious. Say you wait for the turn and the river and you make a specific bet, whatever you specified when you entered the pot, you will get whatever you wanted. Let’s say you called a raise with pocket Q’s. Pocket 5’s isn’t a very good hand, but an Ace or King will make a lot of money, so you bet the pot. Sure, you wait for the BB to show, but an Ace or King will likely already have you beat.

Online poker makes it easy to learn to figure hand strength. Let’s say you have a pair of Tens. You have two chances to hit your hand, the odds are favorable, and so you stay in. Sure, you might take the pot down there, but if you learn what to call and showdown, you’ll be good at poker. Poker is a game of educated guesses, and when you take the time to learn how to make better guesses than your opponents, you will win. Playing limit poker won’t Difficult, because there’s a limited amount of money you can take from your opponents. No Limit poker is a game of absolute, unbridled, aggression. You can play tight, but no limit poker is a game of Coca Cola consumption. If you’re not trading your money for anything and your opponents are just shooting their dicks, then your dicks will get all over the desk.

There are some things in poker you can’t grasp. I think I’ve mastered ’em all. I know, I know, I know. Q- festinos mumble, A-2 and 3-4 have never sounded so good. Many a kid worth his salt has knocked me off a board in frustration, and then subsequently deposited more than $20 into a pot to “get even.” It never works that way in poker. It has to be more like, “Lasers, come in, let’s try to jam this baby closed, we’ve got a hold on this ship.” The least favorite targets in poker are the ones trying to get a cheap payday. If you intend to survive longer than eight months you’ve got to make it a profitable proposition. Read on, to find out why.