Setting Up a Website – The First Step

Setting Up a Website - The First Step

If you want to set up a website without difficulty and without spending a lot of money, follow these simple steps:

Buy a domain name

It’s important that you use the correct and full name of your business for your website address. For example, if your main business is marbles for the criticalays, you should include somewhere on the Internet, so that people searching for ‘marbles for the continuous days of the show’ can find your website.

Check you hosting company

As a beginner, it is always better to go with aweb hostingcompany – one which charges a low monthly fee which includes a domain name. Don’t make the mistake that new users often make – one of the worst mistakes a beginner makes is to sign up for a company with expensive yearly fees. An ideal company is one which gives a low monthly payment option and is cheap enough that you won’t need to pay full annual fees if you’re not satisfied.

You may already have the domain name registered. Make sure that it’s registered correctly and in good condition. If you have a hosting company already in place, ask that they register the domain name for you in the standard language in which your website is written (such as whoever’s web servers currently support XHTML?), so that as well as managing your website, you can purchase new domains and move your current ones as well, when you switch hosting companies later on.

Make a website for your business

Once you have the pokerace99 and the web host sorted, you can start by making what is in effect an informal brochure site for your business. Here you will need to put up all your business and personal information to make it easy to find at a later date, since people will often look for you by looking on Google. If the site is nice and easy to navigate, you should be able to get on the SERPs fairly quickly.

Make your business visible on town directories

Use the stamp-collecting important dates you’ve published on your website to make your business straightforward to find. Get your company’s details listed on Google Maps. Local business directories such as Yellowpages,, Superpagesand Yelp are all good places to make yourself known.

Register on Google Shopping

Google offers accounts which let you select the shopping websites from which you want your customers to be directed when they search by keyword. This means that you can create a Google Shopping account through your existing websites, and this account is also free. Your shopping account gives you the opportunity to link your location to your online shopping website, along with the ability to set up your own voucher code and discounts from sites such as Value click or win the coupon sites offered by e Coupon.

Make it easy for people to find details of your company’s location

Make sure there’s a clear way for people to get in touch with you in order to find out where your business is located. This is particularly useful if the phone number varies, and not especially good for people who don’t know where you are. (Note, if you’re a consultancy, you might want to set up a personal website to link to your company’s website.