How to Convert Visitors Into Buyers – Using Strategically Eye-Catching Banner Ads

How to Convert Visitors Into Buyers - Using Strategically Eye-Catching Banner Ads

When it comes to getting people to your website, the more traffic you get, the more money you will potentially make…regardless of whether you are selling something or are an affiliate marketer. There are a lot of ways you could drive visitors to your site in order to turn them into buyers, but only a couple really work.

I’ve spent the last few years studying online marketing, and one of the most powerful strategies that I have grown to learn is called “banner advertising.” What this is, from a lay man’s point of view, is a series of marketing packets containing advertisements that are strategically placed so that the ads are so attractive that someone out there would actively click on it, and buy what it says.

So let’s break down this very confusing marketing strategy into four steps…

Step 1: Find Banner Ads

There are a variety of great sites to look at, but the two sites above are by far the best and easiest to get started with. Make sure that the sites you choose are not full of advertising that is very distracting. Choose ads that look clean and are large enough to be clicked on. Make sure that they feature the right products and that their banners are very informative about what they are offering. You want to tell the customer, and if you aren’t sure how to do this, think of the affiliate product that you are selling and try to imagine yourself as the customers like yourself. Look at the ads of the items you are looking for as well; always try to make notes of areas that you did not like about the ones that you do like. Is there anything that you like about them, especially the messages or banners?

Step 2: Create A Target List

When you are looking at banner ads you need to find ones that work in relation to your particular niche. I always try to write out as many different ideas as I can when creating my banner ad ideas as well. Getting the idea of how you want to create your banner really comes down to your target market. If you are in the Internet marketing niche for instance, then you would find banner ads about Internet Marketing that have something to do with making money online. It might be a combination of different ideas. You’ll always get some people that just won’t like the specific way to do something; sometimes you’ll even run across sites that will be creative and offer products in a creative way. If you are describing your affiliate product, and you must know about it beat T.V. has the newest channels, then you would use T.V. as the banner ad, but incorporate your own advertising in it.

Step 3: Decide On color

There is always going to be a dilemma as to which colors and fonts work best for your banner ad; some are too plain, others are too flashy, so they tend to click for the wrong audience. I would recommend that you do both. You will often find that a certain advertising method will work better, but only in certain order that you find works well. Be happy to sacrifice a bit of the little things when you do opt for the flashy styles.

Step 4: Decide On Message

Your banner ad needs to be wrapped around what your selling. What do I mean by that? Don’t try to get fancy here either.

Depending on your niche, sometimes the message you need to get across is so basic that it doesn’t even require animation. In the case of your affiliate product, the best way to convey the meaning of the product for the audience is by saying things like “Buy right now!”, “Join my list”, etc.

Other times, the message has to be a bit more complex; you can create some sort of flow through animation or really create a visual effect. And sometimes the message could be were the audience types a little bit of data into a field, and there’s a prize for the winner of that click-through.

Don’t forget to get rid of bad experience; you can then delete the banner ad from the site. Something like this is even better than just happening to make their payments with a product they already bought from you. You’ll have a higher rate of conversion than if you had just shown them the benefits of the product with the ad.

Think backwards with your sales message if your target market is for a marketing technique, rather than buying something. Show the “poker” or “pokerlounge99” of the product, and then hopefully they’ll click through to the page that really sells the product. Find the target market and tailor your message around them.