Horse Racing Handicapping Techniques

Horse Racing Handicapping Techniques

Are you as passionate as many people are about horse racing? If you are, you are probably very interested in horse racing handicapping, the method of eliminating the chances of a win in a horse racing race. This kind of horse racing handicapping is not easy and involves a lot of mathematical energy. You do not have to be a mathematical genius to see that it is a lot of energy to spend just to eliminate 1 horse from the race.

However, you can get a lot of help with regards to developing your winning racing system. Various horse racing handicapping techniques can be used by the racers who are organised in the race. It is actually the techniques that these racers use in devising their betting strategies that help them to win the race.

The betting strategies can be reviewed according to the recommendations of the ETU (European Thoroughbred) Stud Book. This book is actually a very good horse racing book that contains a lot of valuable information pertaining to race horse betting. The ETU Stud Book contains a chapter on each of the types of horses along with their characteristics and statistics.

The above mentioned information is very useful before placing your bets in a horse race. You may already have seen different pokerrepublik tournament guides which state the different starting hands for various players. If you copy the information directly, it will be helpful for you because it will aid you in making your decision for the better or the worse in a horse race.

There are few ways in which ETU Stud Book can be helpful to you. First, the strategy of eliminating 1-2 horses from the race can be applied to other horse races like plymallows etc. Here, you will have a clear idea on how to deviate from the beaten betting strategy and still stay in the game.

Another ETU Stud Book benefit is it contains a chapter on “Betting exchange – lay betting” which can be beneficial even if you are not that much experienced in lay betting. In lay betting, you may bet on the winner of a race after losing your bet in the same race. If you are planning to go in for this, you must make sure that you back the right horse in the race after buying.

If lay betting is not interesting enough for you, you can avail the advanced betting strategies available in the book. There are also DVDs and downloads in the Internet that will help you learn how to place your bets perfectly. One of these available the Roulette School demonstrated by director Xavier Becerra.

Even though ETU Stud Book does not provide you with a complete guide, it is well works as a base to start you off with calculating your betting odds, if you are new to this game. Most of the information that you can find in the book can be easily found online. For more tips, you can also check on articles and videos present in the website.